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This week I'm sure most watch enthusiasts could play a quick round of "How Many?". The subject is 'How many time have you received the Oyster Newman Antiques Roadshow Video?' 10, 20, or 40?

A dealer posted an Instagram announcement asking people to stop sending the link to him... spoilsport! In case you've been on an internet/social media/newspaper/television blackout for the past week, here's the story.

In April 1975, a US Air Force veteran purchases a Rolex Air King Replica from a military installation. He decides that it is too nice to wear it in service, particularly when diving.Rolex Air King Replica So he stores it for about 40 years. It's actually a Rolex Air King Replica screw down exotic dial "Paul Newman" reference 6263.

It's a Rolex Air King Replica that is almost unworn and one of the most sought-after production models. When the appraiser tells him that a standard example is worth $40000, he collapses. Literally.

He is told that his example could be worth $700,000.

The Quality Conundrum

Since the desire for quality is still high, and there's still a huge demand for vintage Rolex Air King Replicas that aren't the usual, I think the watch will do even better than the presenter’s highest estimate.

I wouldn't surprise if the Oyster Sotto broke into seven-figure territory under the gavel Bacs. You can ask any knowledgeable watch dealer about the current market and they will tell you that it is leveling out with more regular pieces available,Longines Replica Watches but finding high-quality watches is nearly impossible.

This has been going on for some time -- remember that Rolex Submariner at Phillips I mentioned last year? A small crown Rolex Submariner worth half a million dollars is an impressive achievement. But it's also comparable to buying a new watch.

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